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American Roulette

We love the American Roulette game. Exciting, heart racing but more than that, it can be really lucrative. Contrary to popular belief, American Roulette played 'online' is actually a better game, than European Roulette. We all know about the higher casino house edge advantage probability factor. But lets for a moment view this from another perspective, one more slot on the wheel is not going to disadvantage you tremendously.

With one exception, that is American roulette even money progression betting. Fairly obvious if your roulette strategy is betting colors for instance, as there are now two green colors rather than just one. But this has hardly any consequence, if your strategy in American roulette is based on inside betting strategies.

Using techniques to identify roulette number trends, virtual wheel biased sectors or one of the commonly observed number pattern prediction systems. That's where your web site rarity fouroulette.com likes to burst the European roulette followers bubble, that many roulette site strategists live in. While we fouroulette dispel the American roulette myth. Ranting over for now people, lets look at the strategy, the nuts and bolts behind playing online American roulette over European.





Neighbors of zero 0 and double zero 00 are are the keystones in this Online American roulette predictive strategy.

Numbers 1 red and 27 red around the single zero 0.

Diagonally opposing 2 black and 28 black around the double zero 00.

What frequently occurs after a couple of closely dropped 0's or 0 with a 00 combo. Is that these four neighbor numbers of the zeros drop within close succession of each other. Then keep dropping two of the four numbers another five to even 8 times. Over a spin span of 15 even up to possibly 20 spins normally is observed.

Wait for one of the four numbers to fall before betting all four neighbors. Online American roulette is beautiful game, for this betting strategy only. This is why we love it so much. Remember this is not a double 3 piece neighbor bet strategy. You don't bet the 0 and 00. Just the four neighbor numbers only.


Play online American roulette with the same confidence as its European cousin? Why would we question this your wondering. Well almost all roulette strategy websites tell you not too play American roulette. We on the other hand we are telling you its really OK. Yes the difference between the casino house edge probability is an undeniable fact in mathematical probabilities .

  • American Roulette 5.26% house edge you lose 5 and a bit cents off each dollar bet each spin
  • European Roulette 2.70% house edge you lose just under 3 cents off every dollar bet on each spin

The reason being we say its OK is our strategy is based on observing number patterns. So all we are saying is there is no need to get hung up on the casino house edge in American roulette if you follow our strategy. A more exciting game we think, to play anyway.

American roulette wheel numbers sequence clockwise from zero.

0 28   9  26  30  11  7  20  32  17  5  22  34  15   3  24 36  13  1 00 27 10 25 29 12  8 19 31 18  6 21 33 16  4 23 35 14  2

'a bit more American roulette prediction, lengthily observed, repeating number patterns coming soon, stay tuned'.


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