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 Reversed Roulette Numbers

Playing reversed roulette numbers or mirror image roulette numbers is another string to your bow, here they are below. Yes we know they are not exact mirror images, but any ideas of what to call them is most welcome.


 12 & 21          13 & 31        23 & 32 


How to use them as part of your roulette strategy.

These mirrors come up every now and again, Sometimes on there own or the whole 3 groups will appear within only a few spins of the roulette wheel.

You can identify a possible run of these numbers if either you see a single group, take the 12 & 21 start to come out within a very short distance of one another, two to three times over e.g. 26 32 12 21 34 14 12 you would then start betting 12 & 21 and be pretty confident that there should be at least a couple more, if not a glut of these reversed roulette numbers. Over the next 15 spins. You can also put a small bet on 1 & 2 as it may split the 12 into single numbers.

 But that's up to your own judgement, if you have bagged a few straight off. Then just relax and place a small cover bet or side bet on them and play another possible sighting. Don't get hung up on one piece of the roulette strategy.

You have to grab a win then move on to another possible. There is a tendency to keep betting the same few numbers you have just won on, especially if they have come up a good number of times, within a short space of time.

This is based purely on excitement and gives you a false belief that those numbers will come up at least a couple of more times, increasing your bet as you go along. That's how you shoot yourself in the foot and hand back your large gain back to the casino.

If though you have fallen head over heels with your numbers at least wait without betting, for one of your numbers to come up again further along the line, perhaps 25 spins could have passed before one of them makes another show, then start betting them again. It's more likely they will make a repeat appearance later, rather than sooner.

Nurturing a more free roulette betting approach is better. Broadening your scope with different roulette trends identified.     


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