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Roulette; High Rollers, Cheats, Scams, TV and Film

Biased Roulette Wheel

Joseph Jagger 1830 - 1892. The most famous roulette high roller of his time and a distant cousin of Rolling Stone Mick Jagger. An engineer in the Yorkshire cotton mills industry England, turned successful gambler in Monte Carlo, Monaco in 1873. His winning roulette system was down to his understanding of mechanical engineering and statistics, applying this knowledge to unbalanced roulette wheels known as a biased roulette wheel system. Recruiting six clerks to gather data on six roulette wheels at the Beaux-Arts Casino, Monte Carlo for a period of one week. After analysis, one wheel showed potential of bias, a sector of the wheel coming up more often. Winning huge sums of money over a few days, the casino took crafty counter measures by swapping around roulette wheels, Jaggers was no fool he soon identified the biased wheel through a unique scuff mark. Jaggers won in the finish £65 thousand, the equivalent in today's money of £3,250,000 ($7 Million). He died a wealthy man and is buried at Bethel Church, Shelf.


Monte Carlo Casino Roulette

Charles Wells 1841 - 1926 famous gambler. When in July 1891 won a million francs playing roulette at the Monte Carlo casino in Monaco owned by Francois Blanc. In November of the same year he took another million. An eleven hour solid roulette session including a winning run on 5 red consecutively five times over. He broke the bank " faire sauté la banque " as they say in France, twelve times over. Understand it was not the casinos bank vault of cash, just the chips allocated to each roulette table. Roulette play is temporarily suspended with a black cloth thrown over the roulette table until the chips are replaced. Wells used the Martingale roulette system (obviously there were no maximum table limits at the time to allow him to play this aggressive progression roulette betting system) and claimed it was gamblers luck. Charles Wells died in Paris a penniless pauper in 1926.


Mob Casino Strategy

Film - The Cooler 2002. Maria Bello, William H Macy and Alex Baldwin star, the cooler played by Macy is called upon by Baldwin, the Shangri-la casino owner to cool the casino tables when a player is on a roll. An old school mob run casino gaming tables strategy to remove Lady Luck from the player. The cooler is believed to posses an unlucky vibe about his person. So when summoned to the roulette table, his presence alone causes Lady Luck to die in the roulette game, until Lady Luck finds him.


Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette is themed throughout the Film - The Deer Hunter 1978. It stories the incredibly moving destructive relationship between two Vietnam veterans Christopher Walken and Robert De Nero. The psychological terror of their experiences, being captured by the enemy and forced to play Russian Roulette with their buddies from their home town and eventually on each other. Their experiences are endured together during and after they have leave, torn between the love of the same woman adds another even more moving dimension to the film a masterpiece.


Las Vegas Connection

Film - Leaving Las Vegas 1995. Elisabeth Shue plays the part of a sexy hooker and Nicolas Cage plays a suicidal alcoholic on auto destruct. The pair believe they share a common connection in their spiralling descent in and around the Vegas lights. Both play brilliant performances. A must see.


Roulette Red 7

Famous roulette bet - 2004 - Ashley Revell from London sold everything he owned, totalling approximately $135,300 got a flight to the USA, Las Vegas and went to the Plaza Hotel. He wagered the whole lot on 'red' at the roulette table in an incredible double or nothing bet. The ball landed on '7 seven red' he doubled his wager to $270,600 and walked away with the lot.


Roulette Cheats

Rick at the Roulette tableFilm Casablanca made in 1942, Rick played by 'Humphrey Bogart' who owns Rick's American Café uses a rigged, trick roulette wheel. When he discreetly motions to the croupier, the croupier puts his hand beneath the roulette table. Flicking a switch or mechanism to cause the ball to land on the number black 22. If your a fan of old black and white movies you will love this film. Famous quote and song lyrics from the film are "play it again Sam" and "You must remember this. A kiss is just a kiss. A smile is just a smile" from the song 'As Time Goes By'. Sung by Dooley Wilson.


 Chinese Roulette Games

Chinese Roulette (Chinesisches Roulette) German film 1976. A young girl wangles a plan to get her parents lovers, herself and her parents to stay at a country retreat. Cue rabbits frozen in headlights of betrayal. A game of 'Chinese roulette' is played, one side has to guess what the other side is thinking by asking probing questions to each other. Unearthing self reflection and morphing the deception. Heartlessness with humour.


Computer Programming Roulette Scam

The Eudemons were a team of graduate physics students that developed a technological roulette scam in 1977. Led by Norman Packard, a student at the University of California Santa Cruz. The team used variables such as electronically tracking the speed of the roulette wheel and ball in relation to a reference point on the wheel then feeding data into a computer, with which they had developed a roulette prediction program. Eight roulette wheel sectors or octants were devised for betting on where the ball would be predicted to land. All equipment was concealed from micro electronic switches in a shoe relaying a wireless signal to a covert vibration device attached to the chest area of the body that dictated to the user which octant  of the roulette wheel to place the chips. The same system was used in a CSI episode No More Bets. In Las Vegas casinos the Eudemons reputably made around $10,000. The eudemons name is from Eudemonia, a philosophy of the knowledge of good and bad that is needed to reach the ultimate good.


Famous Roulette Quotes

Predicting is very difficult, especially about the future.

Niels Bohr 1885 – 1962 Danish physicist.

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