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Number trends in online roulette are not pure fantasy, they exist as small windows of opportunity that occur in indiscriminate time lines. Seeing the tell tale signs of a roulette number trend appear and act accordingly is to make a roulette prediction of what numbers this trend has output in the past and to bet those numbers with the possibility of it trending in a similar way as to gain a profit from.

(1) Roulette clusters of the same number that follow a trend of clustering once again further into the future often as close as twenty spins before a reoccurrence. A Delayed Algorithmic Recursion Trend.

(2) Numbers that have a common repeat pattern with another.

(3) A number that has come up many times more than normal is classed as a bias number trend that can be predicted with great gusto to do so again. Also referred to as a hot number.

(4) A number that has been dormant for a long period and has just appeared sometimes referred to as a roulette sleeper, sleeping number or cold roulette number.

(5) A reflection or reversed roulette number such as 23, 32.

(6) Also roulette numbers that are dominating a section known as a virtual roulette wheel sector bias, a time line of groupings of numbers that appear to be related to a particular quadrant of the wheel yet are in reality an anomaly of numbers that group out of sheer coincidence with the generators output but are still very important as the wheel layout allows us a reference point and to realise this roulette wheel section trend and act on it.

(7) Similar to point 6 using the roulette wheel as a reference frame again is numbers that trend in diagonal opposition to one another on the wheel, don't try and see this as a structured roulette computer program model that uses the roulette wheel as a reference. There is no computer program generating the roulette numbers it is simply a mathematical algorithm that has been designed to mimic pure, true randomness of 37 numbers. No design plan in place to tell it to move around to definite areas of the wheel or areas of the roulette table layout. Just for the generated results to be as random as it can possibly be to mimic real randomness that can then be associated with as near random results as an actual live roulette game.


Roulette Probability 

Where roulette's mathematical probability states that for European roulette 37 numbers there is a 2.7% house advantage and double that advantage for American 38 number roulette. This is all the advantage the online casino needs, to make a profit from roulette gamblers online or in a walk in brick and mortar casino in Las Vegas or London. There is no great conspiracy to aid in the demise of an online casino gamblers game. Randomness, true or pseudo generated is all the casino needs to make a profit from the great majority of players in casino roulette games.


Five of a kind in the last spins window

If a roulette number has come up five times within twelve spins, this number should be a prime candidate to keep cropping up over the next forty or so spins. Maybe three to five times, after that initial five had come out. So betting solely on this number, may turn a healthy profit. But this would be a very high risk to take. It is a commonly observed occurrence, but in no way is it totally guaranteed.

A safer approach to playing this observed roulette trend, is to play the 'new roulette neighbors' three piece bet. Simply betting the main number and its neighbouring numbers. This is a much safer strategy, but also a strategy in itself. As its likely the virtual roulette ball will fall either side of the main number anyway as is also a commonly observed roulette occurrence. As was said before, numbers that appear to bear relation to a certain section of the wheel are in reality an anomaly of numbers that group out of algorithmic coincidence with the generators output, the wheel layout gives us visual reference points only.

Roulette's Most Common Repeating Number Pattern

Many roulette numbers repeat twice over within 20 spins of the roulette wheel. How to play roulette patterns of this type is to identify a roulette number that has already repeated within a short space of spins. Six or less, the chance of another repeat of this number landing in the virtual roulette pocket is fairly high. When is the key question will it land. How many spins before or if it even does is up to the chance your willing to take.

There is a good chance it should land within eighteen spins Which would make 18 times your bet or more depending on if it dropped sooner. If you played the roulette number up to 36 times, you would just about break even. Past this your losing on every spin of the roulette wheel. Before you try this roulette strategy. Make sure you are observing either one or two different roulette wheel numbers that has/have repeated twice over, before playing your newly identified roulette repeater. Why? because if the generation of numbers is not trending in that state, it's predictable to say it wont occur at this time line of number generation. Our own devised repeating number roulette system is based slightly on this repeating roulette pattern trend.

A risky but rewarding bet at roulette repeaters is to increase the chips a little every five spins say. If it comes up before this, well that's a result. If it comes out after this within your own limit 'now that's a result'. If it doesn't come up again your screwed. So only play roulette like that if your prepared to lose that increasing wager. Poker is the casino table game that springs to mind, raising your stake or folding a type of Poker Roulette Strategy. I wont give my blessing to this mild roulette progression approach for a novice roulette player. So beware.      

Practice your observation techniques in a casinos free practice mode, until you have a grasp of the concepts outlined below and in the whole of this roulette site in finding trends that come in many forms.

 'more coming soon stay tuned'  





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