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Balthazars Slot game by Core gaming - wins up to 1000 free spins

Play your best-loved slot games, plus get an extra free bonus and enjoy all the most popular slots at fou


You can play any themed slot online, take a look at what's here:

Classic, Fairy tale, Film, Superhero, Marvel Comics, Fruit Machine, Pub-fruity, Far East, Ancient Chinese, Macau, Lucky Irish, Arabian, Japanese, Manga, Ancient Egyptian, UK TV Game Shows, Playboy, Rock bands, Music Artists, Princesses, Trolls, Hobbits, Lucky Leprechauns, Knights, Witches, Wizards, Magical, Illusionist, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Vampires, Zombies, Genies, Gold, Diamonds, Gems, Cash, Bank Safes, CGI movies, Cartoons, Disney, Sea Life, Jungle, Wilds, Super Cars, UK Board Games, Westerns, Vegas Strip and Jackpot slots.

Top Slots

Play Dead or Alive slot by NETENT.

Its nice to win! But at what cost? Good advice is obviously not to bet money you cannot afford to lose. Maybe as important is understanding the return to player, shown on all slots games as a percentage of what the game will return over the very long term.

Hot Slot

Play Bikini Party slot by Microgaming.

Spinning the reels reveals hits of plentiful small wins. This effect may seed the players mind in increasing the hope of a bigger win later on. The extra play time these little wins create are welcomed by players as added life support cash, back in to the game, but equally, a negative view of these superabundant low value wins could be interpreted as a way of drip feeding the player a false sense of expectation. Nudging them on to play longer sessions, until all their coins have run out. As every slot reels symbols configuration is a random result it is possible to win a high amount early on or at any time in the game or absolutely nothing.


Play Jackpot King slots. High-limit slots serving the high-roller casino gamer by Blue print gaming.

A players secret aim in slots is to win a super mega cash sum or a jackpot. A players knowledge of hitting a win on this magnitude. Knows all to well, the pitfalls of pursuing this elusive event, is down to its mathematically low probability of occurrence. Although, theoretically it can happen at any time, as every slots spin is an independent random event.


Big Slots Online at Fou

Slots, the video type, with enticing animated graphics that comes with varying game enhancing symbol features are the most popular online casino games played. A players aim in slots is to win a big cash sum. A big win on slots has low probability. Although, theoretically, it can happen any time, as every spin is a random event.


Is it fair?

All video slot software uses a random number generator. This continuously generates random numbers thousands of times every second. Hitting the play button stops it to reveal a number and that in turn is the number code to produce the resulting symbols on the reels you see come up on the slot. Pressing the spin reels play button would have given a different result if it was pressed a micro-second earlier or later. An online slots theoretical return to player or (RTP) is the payout percentage, typically 95%, this is coded in to the software by the software games company. Giving the online casino a 5% profit return on each slot.

What this doesn't mean is if you bet and spun the reels at 1 a 100 times you would get returned 96. Nope that's not it, what it probably means is if 1000 players bet and spun 1 a 1000 times each, the slot should pay out 960,000 back to the players but only a handful of players would get the lions share and the rest of the players would win or lose an amount more or less than the 1000 they began with.


Adventure in Fou's thrilling top-tier line-up of slot games

Experience Vegas-Strip games to superhero type slots. We have all the jackpot games and every slot title worthy of a game. We've got a star line-up of popular slots from Starburst, Top Cat, Guns and Roses, Rainbow Riches to the Wheel of Fortune, every game is uniquely sprinkled with amazing bonus games and features. Games you will find in here are a world away from your usual tipple, new and exciting game themes for the fun-loving adventurer inside you. You'll need to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed if your going to spin the reels on the hit game Dead or Alive, going up against the most wanted outlaws in this Western themed slot, featuring quick on the draw gunslingers Jesse and Billy. Enter a magic shop and be entertained by the exuberant illusionist Balthazar in his wild emporium, featuring potent free spins bonuses or maybe hope to eat some cake by the ocean when you party with the girls in the beach themed slot Bikini Party. Your definitely on the right page if you seek the best themed titles and newest games. 


Get your gaming adventure off to a flying start with wide ranging bonuses

Start your adventure with something extra, a bonus boosts your funds, letting you spin more times, giving you a few more chances to hit a huge win or even a million pound jackpot. Gamers can choose exclusive slots bonuses of free 10 no deposit offers plus a wide range of deposit bonuses shooting up to 1000 for use on a celestial range of slot games. After the 1st and 2nd deposit bonus funds are regular ongoing bonuses for a bonanza every week. Whatever your style, be it low-roller gaming or a high-stakes player, at Fou it's all about you and what games plus bonuses you like.




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